Seniors: Thanksgiving: A Meal, a Banquet or a Feast

Nov 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This year’s Thanksgiving is likely to take on a whole new dimension for most families across America. While the meals in most middle to upper class homes are likely to be real Feasts, there will be many who will have had to forage for anything looking like a Banquet Table. Acknowledging the plight of the overwhelming numbers of unemployed, those who celebrate in a more traditional style may  find themselves pausing to consider those conditions of pain and poverty.

Just a Meal would be nice for the hordes of persons whose lives have shifted under the weight of an overwhelming avalanche of economic disaster.  Just a Meal would help families know that on this day they can be very much like their neighbors.  Just a Meal will enable persons to find some semblance of hope in the causes of concern and charity.  Just a Meal may ready the homeless and the hungry to prepare for Black Friday, which is really Black for them, and the the many days thereafter which will likely show little light.

For those savoring the aroma of a Thanksgiving Banquet or Feast, remember others whose lives have been reduced to smaller portions, fewer trimmings, dimmer candles, paper plates and plastic forks, and perhaps the cold wind of wandering the streets and sidewalks after their meal. 

The numbers of homeless children is staggering.  Add that to their unemployed parents, those whose property has been foreclosed, who could not afford to trade in their clunker, who are still hanging on to unemployment compensation, these are they whose Thanksgiving will be a small reminder of how far they and their families have slid. 

For those whose preparations for a Banquet or Feast tend toward the exorbitant and excessive, who may throw away more than others get to eat, it is our turn to find more than just empathy toward the conditions of others.  It is time we began raising the conscience of all of us who are aware that one meal on one day is not enough.  If we can participate in one meal, what about the other days when hunger is real and the crisis of doing without repeats itself?

When you repeat the Banquet or Feast on days beyond Thanksgiving, remember there are many ways to help the hurting and the hungry to just have a Meal.

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