Seniors: Thankfulness For Christmas Love and Light

Dec 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

With the table groaning with a great Christmas feast, remember to include the condiment of saying grace.  Remember to include in that prayer, gratitude for military personnel at home and abroad, first responders, those who clear wintry roads and many others which will occur to those around every table.

Prayer, sending messages out to the creative force in the universe, meditation regarding your expression of Love and Light in and for the world today… all become an important part of giving and sharing Christmas Joy.  Expressing thankfulness for people who help take care of the needy, who self-lessly give of their time and talents so others can be cared for, who share Love based on what someone else needs are those wonderful folk for whom we all are undeniably grateful.  Sending those messages in the form of prayer or whatever manifestation makes sense to you means our universe is populated with Loving and Light-Filled wonderment.  Kinda shoves the negative stuff out of the way for a while.

So when you arrive at the Christmas table, without taking too long, try one or another prayerful petition.  In addition to expressing gratitude for those unnamed persons who take care of others in the natural course of the day, invite any around the table to name the names of a person or persons, not present, who should be remembered on this occasion of joy, gratitude, peace, love and light.  Name the name without other embellishments.  Just remember special people in your life who deserve recall. 

During the meal, if others wish to know more about the person you have named, allow that to be part of the table conversation, so long as it does not involve private information that should not be shared. 

This tip may make for a more Love and Light-centered holiday.  After you return home, perhaps you may want to send them a special card letting them know you remembered them in particular on Christmas Day.

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