Seniors: Staying at Home, Spending Little

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Maybe the best idea is to stay at home and spend little. Maybe it is wise in our present circumstances not to try to do everything, go everywhere, see it all.  Maybe it is time to impose huge limitations on ourselves.  Maybe stocking the freezer, filling the pantry, stocking up on necessities, having a disaster plan is really a very good idea.  After all, what is the barricade protecting you and me against the next impending disaster.  Could it happen?  If it did, would we really be ready for it.  How long do we wait until we get ready, really ready, for whatever may break loose?

Taking the joy out of life, just because international conditions and economic circumstances suggest impending doom is no good reason to quit the joy of living. If it is going to happen, what are our options for managing whatever happens? Likely, for most of us, it is slim to none. Trying to second guess how we may be met with the need to have made serious plans for a disaster includes having inside information:
what kind of disaster? where is the best geographical location? how does one protect one’s self, family, resources? if it is of a political nature, what will I be able to do? if food, water and economic resources are all threatened, what is a reasonable strategy? if I live in a city, in a high rise, with all kind of limiting possibilities, what should I do?

During the Great Depression, persons were met with some questions like these. But those were different times. These days present hugely different dynamics, with waves of prospective cataclysms that are difficult to entertain.

Getting ready by staying at home and spending little may be a prudent way to prepare for an unknown that may or may not develop. Prudence is always a practice that brings with it its own sacrifices, and possible rewards. Who knows. Head in the sand, ostrich like, behavior is not a wise recourse. Fearful declarations of the “sky is falling” won’t win friends or create a steadiness desirable in the face of any upcoming episode.

Choosing a mature, non paranoid, realistic assessment of life as you understand it, will likely be the wisest course one can take. Such a course means that you stay in charge of your own emotional and intellectual ability to problem solve. Giving yourself over to cries of despair, however couched, is not a healthy way to go about living out our lives no matter what may happen.

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