Seniors: Sorting Out What is Important

Sep 13th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The intrusive variety of demands upon our lives seems to increase by the half-hour.  There is hardly a direction or a means from and by which it does not come.  We are, in a word, overwhelmed.  The question and challenge is how to manage it all.  How does one gain control of all the pressing and insistent claims upon our time, energy, intellect, emotions and sanity?

Being in control of one’s own life is now a must.  Losing touch with the keyboard of your own life will plunge you into an abyss of  desperate attempts at recovery.  Recently, we have experimented living without television.  It has been an exhiliariting experience.  No demands that I respond to another offer at just $19.95, plus shipping and handling.  No Breaking News reports about which I can’t do anything anyway.  No series of demanding attention getters that pull me deeper and deeper into the morass.  It is a relief to be free!  There are buttons that too often go unused on the remote.  One is the off button, another is the mute button. And another is disciplining the use of the on button. 

The Internet is another of those invasions of the dark species that would claim us.  It is easy to get sucked in to surfing the world-wide-web for the latest whatever.  There are too many and too much that seem to bid for our time and attention.  Sorting out what is important is an undertaking that requires willingness to be in charge.  Some so blithely surrender themselves that it appears they have been plunged into a hypnotic state listening and watching. Others literally enslave themelves to doing nothing but watching the tripe and listening to the garbage.  Its time to take out the garbage! 

If, just for one day, a person will decide to be in charge, to control all the controls in one’s reach, it will amaze you what the difference can be in your own peace of mind and experience in serenity.  Getting so accustomed to hitting the button when you walk into a room, really needs to be a “stop and make the decision not to” occasion.  Answering machines don’t have claim on your life, television sets are inanimate objects that you bring to life, the Internet can wait.  Give yourself time to sort out what is important.  Be sure in that list of priorities you greet your family or significant other first;  pet the pet; look around and appreciate the peace and welcome of your own domicile.  Sort out what is important.

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  1. Your post is very well written, and touches on a topic which is very relevant for all age groups in our society today. Especially for senior citizens, it is important to slow down and smell the roses, as you said figure out what is most important and break free of the habitual daily patterns. Some appliances are more useful than others (for example TV vs. dialysis machine) but technology can no doubt improve our lives through innovation and engineering specifically for seniors.

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