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Careful Planning for the Move

Moving, under the best of circumstances, is almost never thought of fondly.  Moving from one place to another is an exacting experience, emotionally, physically and logistically. It always involves you, almost without exception, in ways that are exhausting, exacting, and aggravating.  Lifting, packing, sorting, discarding, disagreeing all enter into the equation.  If, in addition, this is viewed as your last move, at least residentially, the decisions and dynamics carry with it even more implications and deliberations.

All of which means, undertaking a move, later in life, should be made with as much care and thought as possible.  Jumping into it is not advised.  Working out the multiple issues which will arise will enable a smoother transition, less frustration, and more satisfaction.

The first consideration is selection of a moving company.  There are a variety of ways you can move today. From having a brother-in-law and a couple of his buddies bring over a pickup and a trailer, to a Pod being parked in your front yard for packing as time allows, to hiring a well known mover, depending upon size of vehicle needed, with personnel included, there are numerous formulae for getting the job done.

Likely, if hiring the job done, you may want to be sure you have references.  If the move is cross country, in particular, should research be done regarding reputation, record, licensing, references, insurance, etc. There are horror stories of people whose household goods have been stolen, destroyed by fire, or involved in a major multiple vehicle accident.  Do your homework if you plan to hire a moving company.

Verifying schedules with destination, mover, all utilities, and any other matters that will involve an efficient move should be done both before and during the trip.  If you are arriving before the mover, be sure your own personal comfort and needs are addressed.

Eliminate Surprises

Professional moving companies have experience and expertise to handle each step of the move; that’s what you pay them to do.  However, if you have not hired professionals, you may want to supervise packing and loading carefully. Be sure that which is fragile is understood as fragile.  If there are language issues, communicate with someone who understands and will inform the others.

Eliminate as much as possible.  Every pound you move adds to costs and time, which equals cost.

Be sure you have given away everything you can.  Be sure you protect feelings, particularly in the family.  If you have promised heirlooms, hopefully you will have made a list long before the move, so as to honor your previous commitments.

Upon arrival, whether across town or across country, be sure you have in hand all of the necessary papers and documentation regarding any matters related to your move.  Be sure you have assistance from trusted family or friends to handle any problems or issues that might arise; you need to try to avoid litigation over loss or damage if at all possible.

Rest.  Along the way, stay in motels, hotels, resorts, whatever fits your pocketbook.  If moving locally, make reservations at an upscale restaurant, if you can afford it.  Reward each other with a pleasant evening.

If you were involved in the physical moving, try to find a place that has a Jacuzzi or a Masseuse.  This can be the smartest move of the whole experience.

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