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Earth Day, 2012

This past weekend marked Earth Day, April 21.  The  week marks a time reminding us to take seriously our abode, this magnificent planet that gives us the luxury of a beautiful home, a world full of wonder and sustaining gifts of nourishment and beauty.  What shall we be about to keep it healthy, to nurture its presence, to contribute to its vitality?

It seems too easy to take our world lightly.  It seems that disregard of all its multitude of wondrous gifts is so easily done.

Awakening every day to a creation that offers such plenty and encourages our participation in keeping it healthy ought to give us the nudge to be alert to our role and responsibility for this place.  Yet, we trifle with it.  We take it for granted.  We overlook its wonder.  We deny its need for nurture.

Choose to Be Responsibly Green

What if today, we made these intentional choices:  I pledge to keep my part of the world clean and pure and inviting to insects and butterflies and small birds who find occupying this spot pleasant and fulfilling.

I pledge to cultivate flowers and plants and a garden which will offer and attract beauty in all its surroundings.

I pledge to do all I can to keep litter down and encourage others to do nothing to despoil the environment.

I pledge to recycle, where and when possible, in order to enable for a more healthy environment.

I pledge to do all I can to help others increase their sensitivity to a gentle caring of the earth.

I pledge to be unashamed to hold high the standards which help keep our earth a continually productive place, free of pollution, and imbued with respect by all.

I pledge to make my attitude about the earth obvious and contagious.

I pledge to support others who demonstrate their commitment for the caring and keeping of their environment.

I pledge to do business with those firms that show sensitivity to issues that help keep the earth a healthy place.

I pledge to reduce the size of my carbon footprint.

I pledge to encourage children and youth to become more aware of what they can do to contribute to the good earth.

There are many other pledges that can be made.  Consider your own.  Post them where you will be reminded to be proactive every day in keeping our earth a healthy and happy place for all of us.

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