Seniors: Six Insights that Improve with Age

Jan 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Lists are a favorite form of writing and an inviting method for reading and remembering. Here is one that struck me as I mulled what to consider next. Here are some insights that may make for improvements as we age.

Insight One: Learn how to be calm, thoughtful, patient and gentle in all your behaviors.

Insight Two: Never allow someone else to get the best of you, to provoke anger, to incite tension in your life.

Insight Three: Don’t give away your power. Kindly, but firmly, allow others to understand that you are in control of your life.

Insight Four: Set aside time for meditation, contemplation, rumination, and wholesome deliberation. Life’s problems will be more easily resolved.

Insight Five: Give something to someone everyday. Choose an idea, a thought, a small memento that, when given, will make another’s life glow with meaning.

Insight Six: Make a choice that will contribute to life’s fulfilling possibilities. Rid yourself of rancor and disgust, replace with reconciliation and charm.

If this formula doesn’t offer promise for better living, then it is time you began evaluating why simplicity doesn’t work for you and what needs to be done to open yourself to a more enriching experience that will give grace to others and enrichment to yourself.

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