Seniors: Sharing the Wealth

Jul 5th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you attended a college or university, you likely receive not infrequent appeals by mail, email and telephone asking for a commitment, an annual gift, consideration of joining a program which offers gifting options long after you are deceased.  Some persons, with sufficient wealth, have explored and determined that the most productive way to share their wealth is by creating a well managed foundation, which will dole out gifts on a selective basis.

Other persons, having identified favorite charities, have designated those charities to receive ample regular grants or commitments on an annual basis.  Such gifts,  of course, may allow for specific targeting, e.g. scholarships, capital improvements, and others.  Causes abound and needs are as plentiful.  Helping research organizations in their search for cures, equipping and enabling medical centers to offer no cost assistance for children and adults facing terminal illnesses.

Special institutions, e.g. libraries, local helping institutions, programs with specific audiences, etc. are all out there for us to research and determine our willingness to support.

Equally prolific are causes lacking in integrity and honesty.  This is why research is essential before making any decision to add your name to those supporting such groups.  It is not unheard of for some groups to exploit well meaning individuals by pulling at their heart strings and promising asssurances of support which never materialize.

Beyond that, however, there are organizations who offer aid and rescue to abused children, animals, elders and others.  There are so many help organizations that it is literally the giver’s choice of what kind of charitable institition one wishes to undergird with financial aid.  Loyalty to these organizations, that is staying with them for several years, will likely assure their being able to perpetuate their good services to a long line who stand in wait of  aid.

Examine carefully the places and types of groups open for giving.  Be sure your invesitgation is thorough, subsstantiated and verified with valid and authentic references.  Allow the use of your name, if you are comfortable doing so, and if not, be clear that you wish no public revelation of your support.  This will deter other groups from soliciting your support.

In these bleak economic times, use your imagination to seek out where you would feel best about making your contribution, then go for it.

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