Seniors: Several Things to Help You Rest Better Tonight

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If you are a fitful sleeper and have tried all the gimmicks, pills, hypnotics, ad nauseum then perhaps it is time to consider someĀ of the following suggestions which may offer restful sleep and quiet journeys into a comforting night.

Don’t retire too early. If you do, expecting to nod off, then be prepared for awaking sometime in the night, thus interrupting your rest.

If reading is one of the ways you choose to prepare yourself for sleep, be sure the book is one which lends itself to relaxation, not conflict.

When arranging your nest, be certain the decor of the room, the pillows and coverlets on the bed offer comfort and sufficient warmth.

If a TV is in your bedroom, consider removing it. The temptation to watch late night shows may cut into your sleeping time and discourage your being able to get a sufficient night’s rest.

Plan not to snack or eat a heavy meal late in the evening. This is a sure way to disturb your rest. Gastrointestinal rumblings can wake the soundest sleeper..

Hold consuming alcohol to one cocktail. More will likely discourage a good sleep.

If you require a dark room, be sure there is at least a dim light which leads you to the bathroom. Stumbling over an object in the dark can jump start your adrenalin, thus disabling your sleep mode.

Noise can be a discouragement to sleep. There are sleep machines which play various helpful sounds, e.g. Ocean Surf, Rain, a Babbling Brook, Wind and others offering a background which blocks out noises that disturb and keep you awake.

If your partner is one who tosses and turns a lot, consider a bed with separate mattresses, thus avoiding the shifting movements which often awaken and disturb.

Try to go to sleep at roughly the same time every night. Likewise, upon awaking try for that to be at the same time every morning. Routine is very important to good sleeping habits.

Some people enjoy sleeping with their pets. If you do, be sure they don’t take control of the bed. And, be sure that they either sleep all night or have a means for slipping out without interrupting you. Otherwise, training your pet(s) to be good bed companions will be necessary and very humane.

Change your linens on your bed at least weekly, perhaps more if your senstivity to smell is high. Keep your bed clean and reserved for two things: good sleep and good sex.

And, with that we will leave you two (to) design your own ethics and practices for a good night’s rest.

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