Seniors: Sending Our Granddaugther On Her Way

Jun 13th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

She went about her packing methodically and comfortably. So many trips had provided her with the skill to know how to get as much as possible and more into her bag. Her nanny had taught her how to be an efficient packer. She was packing all the clothes, the stuff, the souvenirs of a two week stay. But she was packing more than that too. She was packing our love, a bag full of memories that we would talk about for years to come. She was squeezing in all the moments, conversations, joys, pleasures we had shared in those two weeks.

But now, it was time to go home to resume her routine life with parents and friends. We will see her again, hopefully soon and often, but never again, at this midpoint in her adolescent adventure of growing up, with so much spontaneity and delicious pleasure. The treasures of this time will be stored in our hearts forever.

Her visit taught us many lessons, provided a score of insights of just how special our middle granddaughter really is. We already knew, of course, but day to day living together demonstrated just how sensitive and caring and lovely she really is.

She is blossoming into a young woman, with clear values, maturing insights, a balanced appreciation for education, recreation, living the now and preparing for tomorrow. She isn’t one about whom there will be much, if any, worry about her future and its unfolding into promise and satisfaction.

We will, in the meantime, long for her presence with us again. It cannot come soon enough or ever be long enough. It will have to do. She will have many wanting a piece of her time, needing the pleasure of her company, standing in line to be a part of her magic.

As grandparents we can only try to be sure she knows how treasured is the gift of this wondrous moment together. We can only repeat how grateful we are for the miracle of presence, the quiet moments, the generous laughter, all the fun and other precious experiences that are now packed in her bag and our hearts and headed for home.

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