Seniors: Saving Money on Gas and Food

Mar 9th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Maybe those who read this blog don’t need to worry much about the impact of higher prices on travel and food.  My guess is, however, that most of us, no matter our economic position, share some concern about the slow drain of resources as some necessities demand more and more.

The upshot is that every time prices rise on commodities and services we cannot get along very well without, all of us are affected.  If we are, imagine how those with less are challenged to meet these conditions. 

There doesn’t seem to be a lot any of us can do to quell the rising prices.  However, there are some few things we can do to quench our thirst for things we really don’t need.

Here are some thoughts:

>Every time you get in your car, decide before you turn on the ignition, that you are going to have a map laid out which conserves gas, limits mileage and efficiently completes all your errands.

>When shopping, check prices carefully.  Buy enough, if your budget allows, that you do not need to make another trip right away.  Make sure your list includes everything you need, so that your pantry is well stocked.

>For appointments with physicians and others, clump them together on the same day so that multiple trips are not required.

>Look out for impulse excursions.  Try to keep them harnessed, so that your trips to the service station will be fewer.

>Calculate a monthly budget for gas expenditures.  Keeping within that budget will determine the number of trips you make.  A new discipline will likely be required for you and others who share your automobile.

>For other unanticipated trips, e.g. prescriptions and those items that you may suddenly discover you need, try to shop on line and by mail so that delivery costs may be reduced. 

>For entertainment and visits with friends, eating out, and other desired occasions, try to anticipate ways to do those things while requiring the least amount of travel and challenge to your budget. 

>Recognize that the add on costs which come with driving your car add to the cost of whatever you do.  Groceries, errands, impulse trips need to be understood as add on costs to whatever you are purchasing or doing.  Get in the habit of always comparing that cost to shopping online.

Starting now will make it easier when prices escalate further.

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