Seniors: Retirement in the Most Desirable Place

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It is a comfortably warm, bright and sunny January day. A bit ago I walked to the mail box in shirt sleeves and light-weight slacks. Who wouldn’t want to choose this East Texas haven as a place to retire? But there are also days when the temperature is at freezing or below. There are summer days that are plagued with humidity and heat. When my ancestors settled here, I wonder if they knew the extremes that could invade this part of the world?

Settling in the most livable place in the world requires insight, foresight, hindsight and good sight. No one knows for sure when they put down roots just how it will all work out.

More than a dozen years ago when we retired, we chose to come back to this part of Texas, where my maternal family settled around 1850. Not unlike them I was not fully aware of all that would be expected of us in building our own home and settling in for the balance of our active lives. Like them, I accepted a lot at face value.

Settling in the most livable place often requires making choices without understanding all the implications, without accounting for all the dynamics that collude to make life and living in any environment what it is.

The bottom line is “there is no perfect place.” Yet, even now, I long for the possibility that that dictum may prove untrue. Ultimately, wherever one chooses to live has the potential to be the most desirable place. Ultimately, there will still be disappointments and dissatisfactions. Making any place the best place requires a lot of patience, prudence, persistence on the part of the occupant. It doesn’t happen by accident and it won’t happen just because you thought it would.

When making the choice of where to live there are some simple guidelines that may create a better outcome for your living place upon retirement.

We will talk about these tomorrow. In the meantime, begin considering the influences that may have played into your choices and what you might do differently now.

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