Seniors: Relishing in the Simple, Rejoicing in the Silence, Renewing One’s Soul

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Now comes the moment for quiet, simple introspection. How can I be a human being of quality? How can I, even at my age and disposition, achieve to the highest and recognize there are still contributions I may make? How can I slip out of the doldrums of petty routine and become a symbol of bravery and courage and conviction and commitment? How can I live out the rest of my days with a sense of wanting to be a person of honor, integrity, wisdom and conciliation?

These are worthy goals, achievable to the one who makes them so. These are worthwhile motivations, edging us further toward a sense of perfection and decency. Why would it be so easy just to ignore the finer qualities? Why is it so predictable that so often the choice is to be a part of the mundane, the indifferent, the callous, the impure?

Relishing in the simple is a character trait that is most often found, I have come to find, in persons who like to fish. Such passive activity seems to appeal to people who are usually very easy to get along with. They are persons with a sense of humor. They enjoy an ordinary day on a lake, along a river, in a stream when the fish are biting.

But persons who like to fish aren’t the only ones who relish the simple. There are those who love the tranquility of listening to music, melodies, instrumentals, favorites of times gone by. They love the environment of refreshing sounds, maybe the sounds of wind, rain, waves lapping against rocks, the relaxation of natural sounds: the katydids, crickets and frogs, the long distance howling of a coyote. Sounds often vary in their influence and value. They can lend us the calm we crave, the serenity we seek. Rejoicing in Silence is that moment when we come to find we can shut out the cacophony of the world and welcome the silence of the subdued and the still.

Our times are beset with much too much interference, static and turbulent uproar. How can one be afforded the chance to instill the benefits of the simple and the silent in the face of all the din and outcry directed our way. Renewing one’s soul means instilling the willingness to go blank, totally and absolutely blank. Let the screen grow dark. Allow the sound to be muted. Insist that others give you the permission you seek to engage in the discipline of quiet. Maybe it is you who must escape the roar around you. Escape it. Nullify it. Banish it. Allow the freedom of simple silence to take charge. Renew Your Soul.

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