Seniors: Reinforcing Our Decendants’ Futures

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Its about time to review how our descendants will fare, following on the contributions of our generation. It is no small thing to get in touch with just what our appetites, ideologies, convictions, choices will have wrought by the time our descendants find they are in the middle of the consequences of them all.

It is no small thing to realize that the Dust Bowl of the 30’s was created by poor farming practices in the years preceding the Depression.  Clear cutting, soil erosion, planting over and over, stealing nutrition from the soil.  In the words of Mardi Gras revelers “Let the Good Times Roll.”  But everything, even extravagant parties, come to an end.  Thus did the excesses of the 1920’s introduce the pain of the 1930’s.  Some jumped from skyscrapers, others sold apples, many stood in soup lines, still others made the trek west, and yet others tried hanging on, believing things and times would get better.

It is no small thing to realize that a great war, the Second, had to be the stimulus to get so many out of the doldrums of depression and its concomitant causes:  unemployment, unsafe financial investments and practices, and other typically historical events which seem to result.  Sound or look familiar?  Demagogues knew how to play their cards and did.  Huey Long, Father McCoughlin, and others. What’s different now?

Somehow, soup lines notwithstanding, apple salesmen doing their best, women joining the work force the nation saw it through.  After the war things got better.  Not sure we can count on that anymore.  College graduates struggle to find a job.  Paying off college loans is a lingering threat to those with such heavy commitments.  Working at wages far less than qualifications should require, receiving little or no benefits persons today aren’t sure the world they are inheriting is in such good shape.

To top it all off, some politicians have decided they not only have all the answers, their answers are absolute, 100% correct. No compromises or cooperative problem solving allowed.  Uh oh!  Team work is out the window.  Negotiations are passe’.  Forget civility, gentility, ordinary politeness.  Ram it through, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.  Who cares if some are hurt, ignored, injured beyond cure or repair?

Social evolution suggests that those who count are the fittest, the richest, the smartest, the wisest, the best placed.  The rest, oh well.  They are just misfits, unfortunate that their cog doesn’t fit the machine of 21st century progress.

Our descendants are already swimming in the maelstrom of this flood of change that threatens to take so many under.  In the next two decades the tests will become more challenging, the need for solutions more demanding.  Those who are 10 years old now will be in the middle of the river, wondering how possible it will be to reach shore.

If the storm clouds gathering now are not met with the ability to face and withstand the storms to come, our descendants may wonder about how and why we made the choices we are making now.

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