Seniors: Reduce Stress by Introducing Music

Dec 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you have a stereo or some other electronic musical instrument in your home, try remembering to put on some music while going about your routines every day.  Choosing music which reduces stress is likely most desirable.  Find ways to allow your mind and disposition to be affected by the pleasant strains of calming melodies.  Chase out the tendency to get too overly involved in your day, let the tunes of the masters penetrate your mood and mind.  Listen.  Even stop for a moment to catch the invading sounds and allow them to absorb you.

Maybe now, it will be holiday music or some particularly enjoyed pieces that you have long found speaking to you.  Music has been shown to have a restorative effect on people.  Identifying music that creates a sense of calm and peace (and that’s different for each of us) can reduce stress, introduce emotional respite and allow for a quiet time to regain strength for the next task.

We have a Baby Grand piano in our home.  I do not play, but I frequently encourage my wife to do so.  There are a series of pieces we commonly enjoy.  She plays them so well.  They bring back memories of our long married partnership, memories of our son, when he was growing up, memories of holidays and parties and fun occasions.  Musical instruments can provide peaceful enjoyment just by listening, but they also introduce great pleasure for the person playing the keys or strings.

A peace settles over us and in our home.  Isn’t that what this season is about?  Isn’t this a time to seek peace and to share it and to be enlarged by it.  I think so.  And, if no other means is available, try humming.

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