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Normal Forgetfulness

It happens more than I would like to admit.  That sudden lapse of memory when something, some name, some address, some piece of information I needed to remember is gone, disappeared, totally lost and forgotten.  That happened the other day when three guests were joining my mom for lunch at her Living Care Center.  It was her birthday and the arrangements had all been set in place, including a special ice cream cake, her favorite.  We were gathered in a private dining room and served by the staff.  It was a special, not to be ruined by anything, occasion.

Upon escorting Mom’s guests inside from the parking lot, I suddenly lost the name of the person who had chauffeured the trio over from their Assisted Living facility. Before entering the building, I had to try to find a way to recover her name, one I know well, a person who is thoroughly a delight and with whom I have visited numerous times. It would not come.

My mind began its search, my ears were attuned in case one of the others mentioned her name.  Still nothing.  As we walked into the foyer, I was aware that the director and other personnel would be there to greet us.  That had been all arranged.  The name was still on its elusive flight to parts unknown.

Rescue from Forgetfulness

Suddenly, the director and his retinue appeared.  If I failed to know the staff members, I was not concerned, since I knew the director and his name and that he would rescue me with the others.  But then the moment came.  Fortunately, the first guest standing near to me was one whose name I knew.  I introduced her, the appropriate greetings were exchanged, and then, catching my breath, I moved to Ms. Forgotten Name.  As I proceeded to stumble with an introduction, suddenly Forgotten Name seized the occasion, extended her hand to the director and introduced herselfI was rescued. My heart returned to its normal beat and I was saved.  How precious that moment was.  Somehow, she must have picked up on my quandry and rushed to correct a potentiallly embarassing situation.

At such times, friends who are a part of the social occasion may be in a position to pick up on the situation and offer their assistance. At such time, finding a way not to embarrass yourself or your guests is of primary import.  Trying to search for a name often digs the hole deeper.  Perhaps, instead of your trying to introduce each one in turn, you ask them not only to introduce themselves, but to say something about themselves of interest to us all. That way, it will appear that you are simply being a genial host, including everyone and breaking the ice to create a common comfort level.

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