Seniors: Prepare for Overcrowded Pharmacies

Jul 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Reports and studies out this week sugfgest that by the year 2050, longer than my remaining expected life span, those 65 and older will number one out of six.  It gets better.  There has been a rise in the number of seniors by 23% since 2000.  Our present numbers run to 516million.  Now, for the really good news: Medicare will likely be insolvent by 2017. 

For those of us now in retirement, even those in their late 50’s, none of this information bodes too well.  It will, to one degree or another, affect us all.  Unless, which is like “if”, things change.  The prospect of that, given current indicators does not seem too encouraging. 

The grayest continent in the world is Europe.  The youngest is Africa.  Shifts in population growth are occuring by the minute.  No amount of whining about who and where and why will change that.  The phenomenon of growth has leashed itself upon us.  The technology of health care has extended our lives.  Seniors are discovering longevity’s downside.

Within the short period of an adolescnt’s growth, 17 years, we could see major developments in health care and its management, some perhaps worthy, others very disturbing. As my little nephew declared: “this ain’t lookin too good, Charlie.”

Any way you look at it, the unbridled growth throughout the world is now impacting us in dramatic and very direct ways.  Global warming, for years denied as a reality, is raising its head and the spectre of cataclysmic ecological events give us evidence of its presence. The power struggles among nations over possession and use of nuclear weapons portends struggles taken to the extreme.  The economic crisis, whose undelying causes and effects are yet to be fully known, leave us all mystified as to our tommorows. The subtle and not so subtle reverberations which shake the world daily remind us how fragile we are.

With all these old folk arriving on the scene, and particularly those troublesome Baby Boomers, about whom we have heard so much all our lives, get ready for overcrowded pharmacies and physicians’ offices, and hospital and urgent care centers.  “This ain’t lookin too good, Charlie.” 

So, as I press my  43 year old son, when he reminds me of the turbulent goings on in our world, “so what do we do ?” Solutions don’t come too readily.  Outlining the problems seems to be a national pastime. 

Apart from my tongue in cheek suggestion in yesterday’s column, which was “Quit watching the News,” here are my  observations for today, just a few years away from Medicare’s going bust:

Keep yourself as healthy as your own situation will allow. 

Exercise regularly.

Watch your diet, eat only healthy foods.

Avoid stress of any kind, all the time, at all costs.

Lead off your day with an attitude check, keep yourself  happy and reasonably content.

Occupy your mind with reading, particularly books that have great merit.

Avoid crowds, they carry germs and remind us of how crowded the world really is.

Come back here every day and let’s continue our exploration of how to remain sane in a crazy time!

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