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Senior Citizen Activity for Fall Season

September is one of those months, like January, that offers opportunity for preparing for what’s ahead.  It is a hallmark for change and adjustment and accepting new realities.  Schools open, families experience an empty nest with college welcoming new enrollees.  Football season is in full swing.  The World Series readies for its annual moment.  Fall in some locales begins its hints of a change in the weather.  Even seniors, those who live in two different worlds, pack up and prepare to head for a more pleasant climate, in anticipation of winter.

Folk in those areas, where the leaves begin to color the landscape with their startling hues, begin preparing their homes for approaching alterations in their environment. Raking leaves, mowing for the last time, readying snow blowing equipment, checking for insulation needs and so on.

It won’t be long now before the next holiday beckons.  Yes, it is already almost here.  Seniors preparing for 2014 will, once again, marvel at how quickly 2013 has passed. One more year  in our collection will have made its mark on us. One more series of upheavals will have impressed us with the challenging changes that come with the flipping of the calendar.  We will reflect on those events and episodes which give us pause and raise our concerns.

Inspiration for the Future

We will be faced with the need to encourage courage.  We will lean on the hope that the war drums will not beat so loudly.  We will anticipate squeezing some positives out of the many negatives that confront us daily.  We will trust our choices and management of our lives will have been wise and prudent. We will earnestly pray that fewer natural disasters will affect our land and its people.

2014 awaits us with all the blank pages that it makes available to all of us to make choices that will be good for us. There are, of course, no warranties or guarantees that come with those choices.  We will need to employ our best judgment, hope for the most favorable outcome, anticipate that those who make decisions in our behalf will do so with integrity and sanity.

We will seek to make this new moment, one of our best.  We will practice behaviors which will help us have better outcomes.   We will look to the horizon, anxious to see a rising sun promising a new day.  We will meet the rain clouds with a welcome that assures a better environment.

And when we have done all that, it will be January soon.  And we will need to go through the rituals of change that that moment presents us.  We will need to reinvigorate our sense that we are here to make a difference.  We are here to improve  on the days we are given.  We will be met with new challenges and opportunites to draw from each new day, new occasions to live a full and fruitful life.


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