Seniors: Preparations for Prevention

Nov 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Prevention is anticipatory.  It is expecting that time will come and need will arise when some preparations will have been necessary and critical in heading off disease, accidents, and other interferences with our life’s flow.

Medicine cabinets are often filled with preparations for prevention.  All kinds of potions and pills fill our shelves to head off all kinds of interruptions in our lives.  You feel a headache coming on, you pop a pill; a sniffle prompts some kind of cold rememdy;  a pain in one muscle or another requires another pill;  a small cut requires a bandaid and an antibiotic.  And so it goes. 

These are quite elementary in our preparations for prevention.  Good planning, necessary and prudent, but they only cover the more minor of difficulties we deal with. 

The larger preparations for prevention deal with heading off the possibility of invasions far more serious, far more threatening, and far less likely to deal with positively unless early action is taken.

Annual physicals are among the most important of preparations for prevention.  If there is a history of specific life threatening diseases in your family line, it is all the more important to have check ups that seek to detect if or whether there should be any concern or your part and that of your doctor.

Prostate and Breast exams, Stress tests, Blood Pressure Readings, the list  of specific tests grows longer as one grows older.  Ignoring the necessity of check ups and tests is a foolish risk.  Detection is a huge part of Prevention.  Making certain that an annual exam is on your calendar each year is a priority in essentials and importance.  Putting off making the appointment will only make it more tempting to avoid it altogether. Physical, dental apointments should be set and kept. 

If an automobile is important enough to have every 5000 miles or so oil change and certain diagnostic procedcures run on it, isn’t your body? 

Develop a discipline of seeing your physician with enough regularity that they know you by your first name.  As in every other service, you will receive sensitive and attentive care because you will become very much a part of the medical family you rely upon.

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