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Reflections on the Year

Following on the holidays, given extra longevity because of its falling on a Monday, Seniors have the usual honor of extended free time. It is either further enjoyed because of the delayed departure of dear ones or it is just a couple of additional days to revel in the enjoyment of reflection, composure, the joy of silence and relaxation.

However you choose to imbibe in the gift of the holiday season when it is your choice and luxury to develop an exclusively personal use of its time, let it be so you are the recipient of its reward. But, more than that, it can be a time for being a person of genuine worth as you look back and now, very soon, forward.

What was I able to contribute, as the year wound down? Were my sensitivities toward others sharper, clearer, more frequent, more abundant?  How was I in my treatment of those I claim to love and care about?  How thoughtful was I in expressing attention to others, whose needs were deserving?

What is it about the post holidays that will carry me forward?  How will I behave toward others as the days ahead unfold?

When I begin reflecting on my life style, will it be one that is generous in all its dimensions?  Will I be long in patience, short on criticism, and heavy in my insistence with myself to be kind and true and good and honorable with and among others?

As we come to those last days of the old year, can it be a time when the quality of what was known and experienced out weigh the pettiness and the mundane and the unimportant?  Can my own review of my own contributions be objective enough to find there room for continuing similar behaviors in the year to come?

May the Post Holiday Syndrome work for good in the world, grace among all, peace within my own heart and with those daily encountered. May the tomorrows, as they begin, do so with a readiness to let joy and kindness motivate all my actions and lend to others the willingness to replicate the same spirit in what they do, how they relate, and as they interact among those important in their lives.

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