Seniors: Part 3, Anticipating the Future

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Today, we devote a few moments to Anticipating the Future.  We senior citizens have agreed to Leave the Past and have faced Maximizing the Future, now we Anticipate the Future.  Some disadvantages emerge here.  We are bereft of a crystal ball, a soothsayer who can unfold the secrets of Christmases yet to come.  We can only create an environment in which our future can unfold, in which our actions and behaviors can become a new reality.  Thus, the future, as always, beckons.  What awaits is anybody’s guess, but how we deal with this great grand opening of tomorrow, is up to us. 

Dreading the future because of past experiences, poor choices from the past, can give shape to the future.  Expecting that things will be about as negative as they have been will likely create a scenario that doesn’t allow for much improvement, change, and difference in outcome.  There is still time, today, to allow for the revealing of a better tomorrow.

Matters need not follow a prescribed and repeatable course.  Taking advantage of  a white board, now available as an interactive device, with absolutely nothing on it can make for creativity and self determination.  Determine for yourself how you wish the Future to open before you.  Calculate those choices and decisions with which you will likely be faced.  Identify just how you wish to avoid pitfalls, detours, and unexpected chasms in your life.  Develop the means and courage to head off the negatives that will come, without your permission, but may be altered in type and kind.  The future will come, but it need not come as a total surprise.  It can be shaped, to some degree, by our thinking through the mental and psychological preparations necessary to deal with it.  

Past or present are all filled with examples of how we managed ourselves in dealing with our lives and the situations with which we were presented.  Those examples may help guide us, but do not have to be repeated.  Choosing from among our options is our best course in charting the future.  When the choice is made to sign a contract that commits you for months or years, that is a decision being propelled into the future, to which other choices will, of necessity, have to be taken into consideration.  Our future is often influenced by past choices and decisions.  Therefore, it is critical in anticipating the future to take into account promises and commitments already made.  You may feel trapped in your future options, if you make too many commitments that will obligate your time, resources and dreams. 

In anticipating the future, it is also necessary to include others in your anticipations.  Those “others” are persons who may be expected to buy into your goals and ideas for future choices.  Without their being in on your plans, the results may be less than satisfying. Having the benefit of checking your perceptions and predictions with someone else may also improve the percentages for a better laid out plan. 

Regulating as much as possible in anticipating the future to some degree may be out of your own control.   However, some limits may need to be imposed.  How much time are you obligating;  in what month;  what kind of costs will be implied;  what special needs and arrangements will require consideration;  what  implications are there surrounding your plan and its execution? 

So, in so far as our finite abilities allow Anticipating the Future can be full of stimulating and provocative possibilities.  There can also be some unexpected faults into which one may fall.  So, exercise prudence, determination, patience, and flexibility.  Your future may hold more intriguing adventures than you ever thought possible when you were back there in the past contemplating what might lie ahead.

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