Seniors: Part 2, Retirement in the Most Desirable Place to Live

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Having the chance to put down roots upon retirement often differs from the experiences of pre-retirees. Transfers, career changes, employment opportunities often drive the pre-retiree’s residence. In some instances, the individual is fortunate enough to have some control over the decision.

All the more reason to examine the period beyond retirement and where one shall reside with care. Here are some of the issues to include in that examination:

  • Do you wish to be near family? If so, how permanent will that likely be or will you want it to be? Remember the mobility of the modern world often introduces changes one cannot anticipate.
  • Do you need to remain where you live now? If so, can you afford the costs including taxes, insurance, upkeep, and other needs of that environment?
  • What will be the medical issues you are likely to face and are you aware of what is available and offered where you will be living?
  • What transportation is available in the event you wish to travel extensively upon reitrement?
  • What climate do you prefer?  Warm/hot/humid?  Warm/hot/dry? Warm/cold/all seasons? Cold/Cold?   Warm/Warm/Warm?  There are other options, but you get the drift… 
  • If you sell your present property, will you have suficient resources
    to relocate?
  • Have you considered a retirement community, where the residents must be 55 or more to live there? Would your lifestyle fit such an
  • Are you prepared to deal with weather related issues where you live, e.g. snow, ice, heavy rains, extreme heat? 
  • What are the cost of living issues, as in locations like San Diego?
  • What are the community issues, e.g. crime, taxes, infrastructure, safety for seniors, services for seniors (especially medical, but also social) in the area you might live?
  • If considering living abroad, are there language barriers, health issues, medical services adequate for your needs?

Vancouver has been touted as one of the most desirable places to live. Would you be comfortable in an environment, weather, political, financial that such a place introduces?

Are there issues you have uncovered as you look at living options that aren’t mentioned here? If so, do you know where to find means for addressing those concerns?

As we always say here at SCJ, we don’t have all the answers, and we don’t have all the questions.  But hopefully this is a start for you as you determine your most desirable location to live in retirement.

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