Seniors: Part 2, Choosing to Relocate

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Entertaining the idea of  relocating is a sometimes excursion for seniors.  Considering a move comes for all kinds of reasons.  Weather is a big one.  The midwest and northeast, even parts of the south, have experienced brutal winters, and particularly so this year.  Deciding to move to be nearer children and grandchildren is another motivation. Desire for a change often influences the need to explore options.  Health issues, climate considerations, family involvements and other reasons contribute to the desire to explore options for relocation.  Within that, however, there are some very important issues which need to be explored and evaluated.

It is important that having chosen a location, which seems desirable, to spend some time there.  If it is far distant and you fly, rent a car so you can explore the area thoroughly.  If you have acquaintances there, prevail upon their experience and satisfaction with their choice.  Take time to explore not only real estate, but neighborhoods, amenities, infrastructure issues, community offerings, e.g. cultural, sports, etc.  Check out utility and tax costs if owning a home.  Explore shopping conveniences, medical professionals and their availability.  Stretch beyond the environs of the community to nearby attractions, historical interests and availability for golf and other activities which may interest you. 

After your stay, concentrate on the pluses and minuses of your visit.  Check out things you may have missed.  Do research on the Internet.  If necessary, and your interest has been piqued sufficiently, plan a return trip.  However, consider making that trip at a different season to compare the climate changes.  If the visit left you unimpressed, mark that one off and move on to a different location.  Try to determine what it was that was lacking in your first outing.  In future journeys, try to see how many things you are able to identify as being a part of your desired place to live.  Obviously, no place will offer 100% of an ideal location.  Determine what you are prepared to give up and what is absolutely essential for your new home and its location.

After several forays if you still have not found the place you feel would give you the most comfort with your choice, set it aside for a while.  Continue writing local communities for materials about their area, resume your search on the internet for any questions that will likely be answered there.  Do not, under any circumstances, make an impulse decision.  Once signing an agreement, that is legally binding, you are obligated.  You want to be sure that second guessing is not necessary or desirable.  If you are selling your home, it is likely wisest not to move until you have engaged in the sale and removed that responsibility from your list of things to care for.  Having two homes to care for, involving both upkeep and ongoing expenses, does not allow you to give full attention to your new residence.

Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to ask yourselves the question:  what have we forgotten?  There will be issues which will be raised after you have made your decision.  Try to anticipate them and to minimize them.  It is no easy undertaking to make a move.  There are all kinds of things to consider.  Selling furniture, qualifying to drive in a new state, making sure you have had your new home inspected for any surprises which may require addressing, distances to travel to be with family or for them to visit you.  The list is quite long.  A  lackadaisical “oh well, we will think about that tomorrow” is not a good problem solving method.  It is fraught with too many likelihoods for surprises and disappointments.

So, go your way in trying to find that one place that you feel offers scintillating possibilities for your new home.  Be open to the adventure involved in the search.  Be critical in order to protect your long term interest.  Be ready when that one place emerges and your new life possibilities open before you.

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