Seniors: Our Tribute to Veterans

Nov 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There are a lot of sentimental gestures that are paid to Veterans on this and Memorial Day.  They are fitting and often understated.  Those of us born during or before the Second World War have long since become accustomed to the celebrations and tributes paid to Veterans. I am old enough to remember occasions when there were First World War veterans still participating in the holiday occasions.  In the South, back in the 40’s there were even a few Confederate or widows of Confederate soldiers yet around. 

With war raging in our world so persistently, it appears we will never lack for those to whom tribute can be paid.  Sad.  Sad that we still are lining up our troops to take on military adventures, and sometimes what seems like misadventures, in sacrifice of their lives, time with their families and threat of danger even here at home.

This Veterans’  Day deserves a deeper, more profound sense of respect and solitude in our quiet tributes to the Veterans of Wars present and past.  Sometimes there is controversy over the rationale for the war being fought, the lives being lost, the politics being waged.  Sometimes, those controversies are worthy of airing.  Politics is often the driving force behind a war.  And politicians, as we have been shown, often  are not motivated  by the best of rationales.

Of course, once there in harm’s way, the soldiers serving what they are convinced is a noble cause, for the most part, deserve to be given respect and honor.  Immoral wars will be fought by historians and proven to be or to have been either honorable or not. In the meantime we are caught in the quandary of wanting to be compassionate and sensitive to those who are caught in the middle.  

This Veterans’ Day it is ours to be aware of the possibility of discriminating in our own motives.  We may take exception with policy, but we need not put the soldier in a position of put down or disrespect.  It is ours to be aware that historically and philosophically wars have been fought since pretty much the beginning of civilization.  Until we are able to adopt a creed that disallows war and its horrors, we will continue to come to days like this.  We will recall with honor those who have been caught in the quandary of having to fight, having to leave their families, often having to give their lives.

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