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Celebrating Motherhood

Next Sunday, the observance of Mother’s Day will be celebrated. Some of us are fortunate enough to have our Mom still present to participate in that remarkable occasion.  There is so much caught up in it, so much emotion, so much memory, so much of who you are.

Of course, there are gifts, bought especially to designate the day, cards, flowers, candy, etc.  But more than that there are feelings.   The feelings that express the gratitude and satisfaction of a life lived together, a horde of experiences that made up wonders and amazing encounters.  Sure, there were some bad times.  And, it must be acknowledged that some mothers do not fare well.  They lose the lustre of a reputation that comes from sentiment.  Oh, to redeem those times and to find a way to blot out the bad stuff.

But, then there are those occasions for which living and remembering reconnect to something so extraordinary and remarkable that you want to able to recapture it, savor it, relish in its delight. You want to be able to sit down and talk about times, those times, now long gone, but even whose dimming memory bring back a sense of devotion and affection that generates joy in your own heart and soul.

Giving Back to Mothers

There is a deep down obligation to dig deep to find those memories.  There are stirred thoughts and long stored away wonders that need revisiting in our lives.  They bring to us a sense of abiding appreciation for what happened along the way, for what helped contribute to a life that is now yours to treasure in every way you can.  Your mother may or may not have made all the sterling contributions to that life that you might have liked. What gifts there were are those now to give free rein and to take on whatever valid and good and  deep down experience that you can.

Forgiving yourself and others for behaviors that you wish now hadn’t taken place is one of the acts you can participate in.  Recalling the best and most of your growing up experiences and finding ways now to demonstrate how those helped you become the mature and well founded, well grounded, well rounded human being you are–these are likely the gifts you can give and the love you can express to your mother, whether she is any longer with you or not.

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