Seniors’ Novel Ideas May Create Fictional Bestsellers

Jul 29th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It is forever amazing to discover how many stories are out there.  Many get written, some get published, a few receive recognition.   But these stories are rife with notable accounts of real experiences, revealing genuine encounters with other human beings, introducing us to characters that we wish we could know in daily existence.

I have written so much by now that some, rather audaciously, have suggested going further by penning a book, telling a real story related to my own life, opening the doors wider to a literary wonderland.  Unfortunately, with all the short stories, columns, advice, attempts at forging into those undiscovered terrains, I have never had the courage to go any further. 

But some day.  Some kick themselves in an appropriate place to muster the wherewithal to tell a story, created just from imagination or real life experiences really good accounts that catch and hold the attention of others. 

I am impressed, mesmerized, moved and inspired by people who develop such amazing accounts, unfold such intriguing stories, lend such entertainment.  They are true writers, with a spark of genius.  How many more such creative talents are out there?  I have visited with so many persons who begin their stories and before our conversation is through, I am quick to suggest they find a way to preserve the account for the benefit of the rest of us.  Many of us never know how stirring and inspiring our stories really are.  Many of these accounts grow out of a  life lived, people actually known, experiences engaged.  Many do not see or perceive or hear the magnificence in their own telling of a story never heard beyond them before.

There are so many stories and accounts within most families.  They await imagination and inspiration.  More than that they require courage and the willingness not to be intimidated or embarrassed.  The genius of many often lacks the self confidence to plow ahead to tell a story no one else can tell.

Who knows there may be hidden in some corner of your imagination a better story than those written by Willa Cather, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, poetry of a quality to excel Edna St Vincent Millay, a new series of accounts on our times, like those created by Sinclair Lewis in his.  There are even more contemporary inspirations, e.g. Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, Mary Higgins Clark, and numerous others.

Finding your niche, locating your inspiration is no easy undertaking.  It is doable.  It is out there.  Whether fiction, or some other genre, you hold a power to tell the rest of us something by way of the written word that may last for decades and/or make you a lot of money… or both.  So, commence your search , find the secret, tell it and allow the rest of us to enjoy it.

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