Seniors: Maybe Solutions for What Ifs

Jul 26th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The persistent heat wave which has gripped a large segment of our nation continues unabated.  The fear of a default, throwing the US economy into doldrums never before experienced, continues to create uncertainty.  The possibility lingers that many who depend on Social Security and Medicare may be unable to do so.  The radical reduction and cuts for those who need a safety net is under immediate threat.

These are just the biggies.  What about the lengthening list of other frightening possibilities that leave more and more persons intimidated by lack of employment, the disappearance of benefits, the cutting back of more and more services?

Here are a few Maybe solutions for the What Ifs that keep coming like the next disaster.

  • Maybe Congress and the White House will finesse a way to stem the tide of economic disaster.
  • Maybe reason will prevail and those who depend on benefit and “relief” checks will get them.
  • Maybe Food Banks and other helping agenices will be inundated by caring persons who bring loads of groceries and necessities to their doors.
  • Maybe local communities will see hometown heroes step up to offer leadership, largesse and solutions to local needs.
  • Maybe municipal governments will be inspired to come to the rescue of people who are barely holding their head above the water.
  • Maybe innovative and creative developments will enable more persons to step out of the catastrophe of losing their homes into a stabilized living situation.
  • Maybe charitable institutions will risk everything they have to assist persons who have used up their last dime, spent their last ounce to find a way to make things better for their families.
  • Maybe enough people will assemble enough protests and petitions to improve the perception of legislatures and politicians as to how great and grave the needs are among ordinary Americans.

What if these initiatives began happening where we all live?  What if there emerged some genuine, heart felt, down to earth human beings who no longer rely on their own self interest, but that of others to problem solve?  What If the body politic could finally be heard?  What if all the inconsequential issues were sidelined long enough to resolve the real life and blood issues of survival?  Desperation has ignited many civilizations before us to stand up to be heard.  Maybe it can happen again!

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