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Celebrating Special Times

No matter age, circumstance, time of year, how many occasions have preceded the current one, most of us enjoy, appreciate and savor special occasions.  Particularly is that so when the occasion is our own birthday or an anniversary or some other remarkable moment that others choose to remember and celebrate.

For those who are older, particularly is it meaningful for birthdays to be set aside and given select status.  Cards, flowers and other reminders from friends and family are nice, but celebrations are personal.  As we age, gifts aren’t necessary.  The only really appreciated gift is presence, the coming of those who are and remain special in our lives.  What distinguishes such occasions is that those who attend continue to treat us with deference, to respect us, to enjoy our company.  Aging has a way of sorting out those who are able to come to be with us at such times.  Illness, frailty, distance.  And a telephone call still remains a means for being in touch.

Traditional Holiday Celebrations

Other occasions such as traditional holidays are times when the antique treasures of a family, those who are older, enjoy being polished for the occasion and brought out for everyone to see and enjoy. Not unlike the older members of the family, the china and crystal and silver from the family treasure chest help all to celebrate the holiday.  Don’t forget to include them at such times.

When inability disallows such presence, be sure that as many who can drop by to visit the elderly loved one in the assisted care or nursing center, to spend some quality moments together. If still at home, give them an honored seat at the table.  Perhaps, if comfortable doing so and if the elder one is able, ask them to make a few remarks.

Special  occasions are times of enormous significance, for all who help make them so. They are memory creators, they become the stories told at future such times when family and friends come together.  Never underestimate them.  Never overlook them.  Never avoid capitalizing on them.  They are the times that define family.  They are the occasions that make us special to each other.

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