Seniors: Marching into Spring

Mar 8th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Two weeks away and spring, that magnificently promising time of the year, will be upon us.  As pleasant as it may seem, its real pleasures will not be evident until some days thereafter.  For tornado alley, it will be a time of anxiety and trepidation.  For snow belt states, there may linger the promise of more cold weather.  Rains may bring flooding.  While some days may sparkle with the sunshine, there may be others dreary and not so invigorating.  But, fear not, we can march into spring anyway. 

There, we may discover the paticular joys that seem always to come with the season.  Longer days, starlit nights, Little League baseball, children’s frolic and laughter as they play out of doors, evenings offering invitation to sit outside, later bedtimes, just more all around vitality and enjoyment.

Participating in the parade that moves into spring means that the youth of our recollections can be still stirred to attention.  Marching into spring recognizes that we may still be creative about our use of time and energy at seasons of the year that call us to be up and doing.  The long slumber of winter and being held captive by it is now over.  We are free to flee the confines of the indoors and to welcome the frivolities of the out of doors. 

March into spring, brothers and sisters.  Shed your tendencies to allow aging to hold you back.  Demonstrate that you are still full of life and vigor and imagination.  Fly a kite, go skipping by the beach, breathe in that wonderful crisp morning air, listen to the birds, stretch every muscle and tendon, ride a bike, go skating (in line, of course), and spring will return the favor by offering you days of extended fun and happiness.

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