Seniors: Making Choices as We Age

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It would be blissful if retirement consisted of making the choice to retire and then not to be interrupted in our continuing aging journey anymore. However, like the rest of life, that isn’t the way it works. The bumper sticker, while obscene, says it all. Translated the bumper sticker declares: Stuff happens! And, indeed it does.

Having worked through the process of deciding to retire (see previous article: Three Questions Before Retiring) the step by step, day by day necessity to structure your existence to protect your resources, enable your health, come to a choice of living style, all of these will require your attention.

There is no one time choice or conclusion that can be made which allows for a problem free-tailored retirement.  Developing a persona that gives you the wherewithal to face whatever comes will be a major step.

‘What ifs’ are of useless value. ‘Should have dones’ are frustrating ways to cope with what happens as you progress on the aging journey. Prevailing on the benefit of hindsight, each new confrontation will need to be handled with finesse, a good temperment, and an “I can work through this” attitude.

Declaring war on the realities of existence will only contradict the very reasons you chose to retire. Review those with frequency. Keep in mind the motivations that assisted your choosing retirement. Make up your mind that you made up your mind.

Before long you will get into the stream of life’s flow, finding that where you are now is where you want to be. Trying to rework the yesterdays so that they improve the todays and tomorrows won’t work. Choosing today as the best time to do and be who you want to be and be at what you want to do is a day by day choice.

Therefore be it resolved that the choices you have made are not once and for all. They can be revisited. Upon your visit, take into consideration what HAS happened and fit that into how you will proceed.

If¬†“everyday is a holiday” in retirement, it will be so becasue of the choices you make and how you manage them. Happy Trails to you.

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