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Seniors Manage Change

Recently I was struck with a sudden awareness:  Life styles can changeSeniors do not have to live according to the routines and ruts of previously made choices. We really can change what we do and how we behave and who we want to be. We can even decide to abscond and settle in another entirely different location.  We can.  All it takes is  working through the particulars.  And the particulars may be plentiful.

But, let’s not go there yet.  Let’s just face the prospect of making a super radical choice to change a lot about ourselves. Moving to a new place, dumping lots of the stuff we have surrounded ourselves with over the years, choosing to clean out the attic of our minds. Making the choice to leave where we have lived for a decade and a half means leaving behind connections and friends and habits.  What an upheaval!  What excitement for the future!

The Excitement of Change

If you can manage the shock of it all, it may be a worthy undertaking. It may give you new vistas to explore, new horizons to chase, new opportunities and a more relaxed life style.  It may open to you adventures you never considered.  It may give you permission you felt you never had.  If you have lived in the same place most of your life, perhaps you will find that has limited you.  Now, you can explore new freedoms, new challenges, new ideas about how to live differently.

This creative decision making lends itself to opening doors, long since closed.  It gives you occasion to release yourself from long held behaviors that work, but frankly have become too routine and boring.  Give leeway to the what-ifs of life.  Provide yourself with the dare of striking out in entirely new directions.  Make way for exploring brand new places to go, ideas to uncover, chances to take.

Don’t be held back by the maybes and the should-I’s.  Allow yourself to plunge right in and make that one last determination to have your life go in a direction you have always desired.

Do it now, before the ensnaring preventions tempt you to back away.  Do it now while life still holds energy and promise and the thrill of being able to take the chance.  It’s your life, Seniors; live it.

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