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Seniors Nurture Relationships

It is a fact of life that senior citizens do not nurture friendships as we might. It is so easy to find and maintain contact with people these days.  It is sad that with the multitude of demands and interruptions, we don’t.  I have cousins whom I have not seen nor communicated with in 20 or more years.  Sure, we may not share today’s life agendas in common, but it does seem an occasional drop in hello would not be too much.  My responsibility, not theirs.

Almost without exception when reconnecting with old friends and long lost relatives or someone met casually, the experience is one of delight and pleasure.  Regaling together over old and long misplaced stories is one of the benefits.  Repeating a phrase or prompting a habit suddenly remembered, conjures up happy memories, good times, happy occasions.  We thought they were forever gone, but no there was someone out there who shared them with us and tucked them away for that day when the relationship could be resumed. How precious! How treasured! How delicious!

Make Time for Old Friends

It is, as the years move so quickly from a few to a full decade, mightily incumbent upon us to find some push that enables us to hold on to those times, those persons, those recalls, those moments that presented us then with a gift that we could, in fact, keep forever. There is no reason to surrender those well preserved memories, those specially guarded times that made for its own brand of happiness and joy.  Reconnecting is a possibility. When it happens, it can be another slice of time that, in the future, may create another memory that is savored.  Making such times in our lives is what helps keep us vital and vigorous and even victorious over mourning the sadnesses of our past.

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