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Autumn Colors Begin to Appear

With autumn upon us, we have begun our annual visual journey to locate the gold and red among the changing leaves on our land.  We have already seen a proliferation of brown and yellow, prompted primarily by the severe drought in Texas.  The trees, varieties of oak, sweetgum, dogwood have attempted these last several weeks to protect themselves.  Leaves have been falling, earlier than usual. We still await the splotches of gold and red that add such color and beauty to the fall season.

On the Sunday before the first day of Autumn, the sound of rain on our metal roof was a welcome to the parched earth.  The rain, while not abundant, was enough to create encouragement and the satisfaction that the trees and shrubbery were bowing in wonder at its coming.

Could this at last be the reprieve the whole state has longed for?  There have been scattered evidences of rain here and there, but of course the here, for those who experienced it for the first time in weeks and weeks, is what we found ourselves celebrating.

Grateful Thanks to Firefighters

Taking Mother Nature for granted reminds us she will do what she will do.  Respect and caution are ours to exercise.  The raging fires have reminded many how destructive her forces can be. Accolades go out to all the firefighters who have dedicated their skills, energies and time to quenching the insatiable fires. For those politicians who have withheld much needed resources required when disasters strike, shame.

Communities are held together by the strength and dedication of those who are there when need becomes paramount.  It is ours, those who are rescued from the impending doom of fire or water, wind and nature, to offer our support, money, encouragement, political will to those who go to the front lines to protect us all. When next we enjoy the gold and red, brown and yellow, let us be reminded of those who help to keep our hillsides and valleys safe and serenely beautiful.

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