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The Unexpected Hits, With No Warning

Life is full of twists and turns.  Most of us seniors love routine, calm, peace and quiet, as much predictability as possible. But, life has a way of introducing twists and turns that interrupt and interfere with all of that.  Things go rather smoothly, then suddenly, WHAM!  Life seems to go haywire. All that serenity and calm are met with cataclysm and disturbance.

It happens in so many ways.  You are moving along, feeling well, doing good, seemingly all is stable and secure, then there you are face to face with turmoil and distress. You wake up not feeling well.  It goes on for a few days.  You visit your physician. You are presented with a prescription.  Time passes. Another visit.  Something else has come up.  You are met with one of life’s twists.

You awake in the middle of the night, make your routine journey to the bath room, but on your way take a fall.  Another unexpected turn.  A broken hip or leg.  Another twist.

You visit your financial adviser, who gives you the bad news about your investments, your portfolio, the stock market, the down turn. You are confronted with another turn.

You get a call from your son or daughter.  They are struggling with getting by.  They need your help.  What do you do?  Another turn.

Your parent, mother or father now in their 80’s or 90’s, requires more care.  They must be in a facility that offers competent, quality and skilled attention.  It is costly.  But, it is necessary.  Another twist.

These and numerous others enter our lives, often without warning.  Our stamina, personal wherewithal, and pure grit are all called upon to deal with whichever one or ones collide with our plans and expectations.  Options are available of course.  Complaining is one that comes to mind.  Useless.  Railing against your vast misfortune is another.  Blaming fate, recruiting those who will share your bitterness, all offer coping responses.  None of these will change the equation.  Getting angry, withdrawing into yourself, refusing food, affection and the kindness of others, all may serve for a while, but not lastingly.

Coping with Unpredictables

How do you cope with all of these occurrences?

There is a parable of the oyster that may apply.  One day the oyster is lying in the shallow waters.  All is going nicely, when suddenly a tiny grain of sand makes its way inside the oyster’s shell.  At first it is a major irritant.  The oyster begins to complain.  “Why” he says, “of all the oysters up and down this coast, did that grain of sand have to bother me?” “Why did God do this to me?”  “I’m a good oyster, never causing any trouble to anybody, why me?”

Slowly, by and by the oyster begins to coat that tiny grain of sand with a substance, removing its sharp edges, decreasing its discomfort.  Slowly, by and by there is change, there is comfort, there is improvement.  Slowly, by and by a pearl is made.

We seniors will do well to turn life’s disruptions into pearls.

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