Seniors: Life’s Seasonal Messages

Feb 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Learning how to enjoy winter is one of the lessons of learning how to enjoy life. Even this winter’s season has challenged those who live in otherwise desirable climates.  This winter has been fraught with changes and cold and wind and rain and snow and ice.

Winter is that season of time when the sun sets earlier and seems to rise much later.  Winter is that time when bones ache and chills are  more frequent and fevers come and sniffles won’t let go.  Winter, as a season, is when we have grown old.  Spring is youth.  Summer is frivolous for all who can enjoy it.  Fall or autumn is that season just before winter sets in…when there is still vigor in the step.

Winter is is that time when all we have learned is tested, when what we have found to be faith becomes real or just a big joke played on us  by preachers. Winter is when we are able to be strong in spirit , even though weaker in body.  Winter is that moment in life when who we are becomes starkly clear to us and to everybody else.  Winter is when we are stripped of the leaves that surround us and protect us from being entirely visible…we are naked…out there…just as we are! 

It is winter that helps us become for the last time who we can and really want to be.  It is that moment when we have achieved all we have fought and scratched for, for so long.  It is then that we no longer need to rely on pretense, but rather to be nothing more than who we genuinely are… as older adults… persons who have arrived at that time of ultimate truth, when we need to look into the mirror to see just who it is we have become and how others see us. 

May the Winter of your life be full and warm and fulfilling.

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