Seniors: Learning to Love All Over Again

Feb 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Senior Adult Singles who have no partner may find themselves casting about for one during these days leading up to Valentine”s.  There is no stigma, however, in being single and learning the pleasures of the single life.  Some persons, previously married, now widowed, never married comfortably have now found satisfaction in being single.

It may be that thoughts of love are born during this month, more than others, but  frivolous promptings do not need to induce one to leap into something precipitously or  prematurely.  Good relationships are difficult to come by.   Friendships are somewhat easy to develop, possible to enjoy;  just for companionship and occasional dating. Such relationships may offer good company, good times and ordinary enjoyment.

No relationship needs to have as its goal ‘falling in love.”  Love is a frame of mind and existential experience which comes with the appropriate emotional chemistry, time, leavening, and mutuality.  Many singles, particularly those, who search on the Internet are  frequently met with anticipation, but disappointed with the real thing.  Persons whose principle goal is to enjoy companionship, have a nice day or date or evening or whatever together will most likely find themselves in demand.

Though it happens, and I have been the beneficiary of a romantic encounter that culminated in marriage, there was no full blown expectation that that would be the case.  Romance needs its nurturing. Testing whether a relationship has anything going for it needs time.  So, if by chance you are in a situation in which someone invites you out this Valentine season prepare yourself with nothing more than the anticipation of an enjoyable time together.  No pressures, no assumptions, no over the top stuff, just plain “I may like this person.”

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