Seniors: Knowing When to Stop for Rest

Dec 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

For many who are older, at least around three score and ten, the limits to activity often remind us of the limits of our bodies, our physical strength and capabilities. It is no shame to admit fatigue, to surrender to being tired and to stop for rest.

Rest is a gift to the body, and the mind, for pushing beyond the ordinary limits of one’s physique only creates more discomfort, often pain, and certainly fatigue. The body has ways of communicating. Joints, muscle overuse, back ache, popping knees all join in a chorus to let us know it is time to quit. Quitting is wise behavior, not admission of defeat. Quitting, in this state, is recognizing and respecting one’s own body and its needs. Quitting is early therapy. Quitting means that rest needs to take its turn.

Whether working in the yard, bent over a machine to repair it, lifting heavy objects, pushing oneself beyond a reasonable amount of time to do a task all are ways to exhaust one’s capacities. Stop. Rest. Do it now.

Caring for one’s body and enabling oneself to be respectful of one’s limits simply means you may be able to get more out of yourself by rationing how much you try to do all at once. Extending ability is being wise enough to engage in discipline.

Stopping for rest, whether for an hour or for the day, is essential to completing the job. If on the morrow one is met with aches and pains and miseries abundant, there will be a delay anyway. Why not choose to impose that delay on yourself by resting.

If you are keen enough to know what makes for a beautifully landscaped lawn, then you are smart enough to know when to quit. If you are efficient enough to repair an engine, then you should know how to keep your own engine in good tune. Stop. Rest.

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