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Top Concerns of Seniors

Staying healthy is one of the top ten concerns of most seniors. It is not always an easy task, but it is one that gives us the satisfaction of enjoying what makes up living.  Humor is one of the components that contributes favorably to good health. For some, life becomes a drudgery and a drag.  When it does, when fun and good times are no longer central to your life’s practice, then you are on the way to poor health, too many down days, depression and other negatives create a life of dissatisfaction.

Finding fun means being on the alert for it all the time.  Here are some hints:

Hints for Finding Fun

  • Balance the serious and non serious issues of living.  Don’t become overwhelmed with the negative.  Keep open to new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives.
  • Continue to read. Explore humorous slants on issues and ideas.  Share the funny stuff.  Stay alert for the comic.
  • Because “people are funny” observe their behaviors.  Don’t ridicule others, just watch for their foibles and fancies which produce humor.
  • Keep your frame of mind from going sour.  If/when/as it does look for nudges to push you in another direction.
  • Engage with people who are by nature good-natured.
  • Discipline yourself to remember funny stories, events, quotes, occasions that may be shared with others.  Inspire them to inspire you with their humor and happy insights.
  • Harvest the lemons in your life.  Make sure that you are able to beat out the down times with an up attitude.
  • Give yourself permission to reflect, to play with words, to point out the funny and ridiculous.  Make fun of even yourself.  It won’t hurt.  It may even heal.
  • Make time to be with people whose disposition needs an attitude adjustment.  Share the gift of laughter and good times.  Have them learn how to look forward to being with you.
  • Spend time looking for funny cards to share with others, whether for a special occasion or not.  Make every occasion one when finding the clue to be happy becomes the game you play with them.
  • Redirect conversations that tend toward the down and despondent.  Don’t feed negativity.
  • Look for funny stuff on the Internet to share.  Copy it and take it to persons you know would enjoy it.
  • Be sensitive.   Don’t overdo your desire to create a happy environment.  Allow the other party to partcipate in the undertaking.  Let life be serendipitous.

Seniors everywhere will be healthier and happier with a good dose of fun in their lives.

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