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Seniors Exercise for Good Health

Identifying activities which keep you busy as you age will be one of the ways to safeguard your good health. The cliche,” so long as I keep my health,” is a daily prompt for doing so.  It is both amazing and disheartening to experience declines in health conditions.  They come, often with little warning.  However, they also come because we don’t make appropriate choices and decisions to try to keep our good health intact.

Lacking an exercise discipline is probably the major and primary contributor to health issues. Certain tendencies.  e.g. pain and aches which come from arthritic conditions, seem to compel us to move toward a chair instead of an exercise machine.  Rationalizations are rife for not doing the things that may give us a better body and frame of mind for daily activity.  Once the pattern is set, it becomes more and more difficult to reverse the trend.  Every time one feels better and slacks off the behaviors which help that condition, the condition of delay, denial and delusion take over.  “Oh, I’ll get back to that tomorrow,”  becomes the cue for sloughing off.

Plan for Staying Healthy in Your Senior Years

So, how does one make permanent the desire and the doing for keeping the body going, active, involved enough to head off pain.  It requires much of the following and more:

*Decide every morning, first thing after any necessary activity, e.g. bathroom stop, washing your face, grabbing a cup of coffee, to engage in your exercise regimen.

*While some advertising may suggest only short-lived exercise activity, double or triple that time.  You have it, use it for something for yourself and your welfare.

*Get your heart rate up. That’s the only real indicator that you have reached a level of activity sufficient enough to be good for you.

*Oh yes, before I forget, check with your physician regarding your regimen so that you will have had a stress test or other check ups to determine your suitability for your exercise level.

* If possible, find ways to head off boredom during your exercise.  If you use a machine, perhaps you will want to watch a morning show on television.  If you are doing a series of exercises that require lots of movement and other activity, stay focused on what you are doing.

*Keep remembering that you are doing all of this for you and, likely, the one you love.

*After your first exercise of the day, anticipate other means for getting and keeping the kinks out.  If you have a dog, walk it.   If you have a bike, ride it.  If you have a partner, share time jogging, power walking or skate boarding.  Be sure you are ready for the latter.

* Make up your mind that this will keep you from having to spend time in physician’s offices, on surgical tables, or in hospital beds.  None of us wants to go through any of that, if it can be avoided.

Now, take a shower, have a leisurely breakfast, read the paper or go to the Internet.  Stimulate your mind and be satisfied that you have made the appropriate choice to keep yourself on a healthy track.

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