Seniors: “Its Printed on Your Receipt.”

Mar 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Observing seniors whose ordinary behavior disregards respect for others evidences why they don’t receive much respect themselves.  Watch persons going through doors, do they allow or assist others to precede them, do they open the door, do they demonstrate thoughtfulness, do they stand aside, do they greet others with a “good morning” and a happy smile?  Lacking these behaviors, it is no wonder they are not returned. 

Frequently when searching along an aisle, persons will pass in front of the searcher.  No excuse me or pardon me or may I pass by?  It is just this space is mine.  You find your own. 

One day in a super market, I observed an older man being checked out at the counter.  The two (young) employees were distractingly engaged in their own conversation.  They checked and sacked the items bought by the older man.  Never once was there an acknowledgement of his presence.  When finished they handed him his receipt and sent him on his way. 

When next it came my turn to be checked out, I was treated similarly, as they (the employees) continued their discourse with one another.  Upon finishing I too received my receipt and nothing more.  I hesitated a moment, getting their attention.  I inquired, if perhaps they might acknowledge the customer with an ordinary thank you.  The checker (a young female) replied: “it’s printed on your receipt.”   

Its tough to earn respect or show it in that kind of setting.  If respect is a thing of the past, no wonder we get such poor service, or are allowed any importance as a consumer.  No wonder there is such little personal regard for each other, when we don’t even acknowledge the other’s presence.  Respect may be old fashioned, but it is one of the substances of human behavior that helps bind us together. 

Just being “nice” to others can pay dividends.  It may make the day of a person, customer or employee, who otherwise may have major issues in his/her life.  It may be the curative for a very bad day.  It may offer a sense of humanity to someone who doesn’t feel as if he/she is being treated like one.

Indifference, thoughtlessness, impolite behavior, rudeness help crumble the basic principles of our getting along and respecting one another.  Lacking that, it can be a pretty sorry world out there.

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