Seniors: If You Can’t Find It Here, You Can’t Find It Anywhere

Feb 10th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Look as you might, search as you will, IF YOU CAN’T FIND IT HERE, YOU CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE!  How presumptious!  How arrogant!  How  absurd!  Not at all.  We are full blooded, full grown, completely indoctrinated senior citizens.  We are among those, like you, who must traverse the boundaries of life’s realities every day of our lives.  We, who are met with the frailities with growing older, the challenges of standing down the challenges of physical assaults, the invasions to our health, our minds and our mobliity.  It isn’t easy.  It never subsides.  When one thing yields, another raises its head. 

How do we cope with the variety of invasions upon our bodies and minds?  How do we have the courage to stand off the whole spectrum of stuff that would attack at moments totally unexpected?  How can we fool the enemy, hold back the incursion of disease and physical attack, when we are already weakened by our body’s unwillingness to fight the good fight?

The marvelous production of “The Wizard of Oz,” reminds us that the wickedness of the witch, the lack of courage, the need of a heart, the gift of a brain can prompt the resources we need to head off the threats of the wily, wicked world.  We can prevail.  We can be strong.  We can overcome.  What gifts there are out there for us?  What wonders await our calling upon them to head off our being rudely challenged, completely made submissive?   We are the victors.  We, who can overcome all the the challenges and attacks of growing older, but not growing weaker.  We are the ones who can prevail.  We are the ones whose abilities have been groomed so that we are strong, able, ready, resilient, and can stand down whatever comes our way.  What kind of courage is that? 

There are no more enemies that we cannot put asunder.  There are no difficulties we cannot overcome.  There are no challenges we may not meet. We who have lived this long are ready to take on whatever comes our way.  It is now or never.  We can be resolute and ready, prepared and equipped, ready for whatever comes.  Our willful presence is a product of long life, pure hearts, inspired spirits, stable and clear faith.  We are no longer cowards.  We are the people of a time when whatever is required is sharpened and ready for the battle.

This is who and where we are.  If we cannot find our strength here and now, we can’t and won’t find it anywhere.  We are ready to face our foes, meet the enemy, take on whatever is out there before us.  We are the people of the truth, of victory of strength and finally of compassionate loving.  If these are not sufficient to take on whatever may meet us, we will discover that we will need to renew our strength and to re-double our ardor to overcome the challenges before us.

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