Seniors: How to Cultivate the Best of Growing Older

Nov 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The reviews on growing older often point to the downside, the negative and the dreaded. These reviews are typically from persons whose life orientation has bordered on sliding off the cliff, in other words being perpetually pessimistic.  Not a good life place to be.  The cliffs that represent end of life likelihoods will loom large soon enough.  Finding ways to reroute your course is the advisable strategy as one grows older.

Wherever you live (and our readers literally come from all over the world) there will be cliffs.  Whatever you have done in the past, the cliffs will tempt the possibility of discouraging positive life patterns.  However careful we are cliffs can loom up before us, without warning.  

Rerouting your course in directions where cliffs are not so likely or prominent  will require careful study of the topography of your emotional landscape. 

 Such considerations include:  

*How well am I taking care of my overall health?

*What am I doing to cultivate and maintain good friends?.

*How aware am I of my financial resources in the midst of economic downturn?

*What is my contribution to the happiness and pleasure of my extended family?

*How am I developing means for keeping my mind and memory functioning actively and well?

*If I have a partner, how do I show respect and honor our relationship?

*How do I look on the sunny side daily?

*How do I deal with depression and how am I equipped to head it off?

*When I am in a group where pessimism prevails, how do I manage my own participation?

As in all situations, growing older has about it the necessity and demand to make everyday choices.  For some, it may seem that a one time decision will cover the waterfront.  The fact of the matter is that life has a way of demanding from us the necessity to evaluate our behaviors regularly.  Without warning, bad behaviors, habits and sullen attitudes can creep up on us and take control. Heading such off means reviewing your own personality quirks, having others comfortable in giving you feedback, listening well to yourself and the counsel of others.

If you have led a life in which you have been received as a person who is likable, enjoyable to be around, and just an over all wholesome person, keep up the behaviors that have earned you those accolades.  If you have seen some slippage down the cliff, find something to grab onto and climb back up and over until you are on safer, solid and stable ground again.

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