Seniors: How Much Do Politicians Really Care About You?

Jun 6th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How much do you think politicians really care about you?  When they are spouting their positions and principles are they reflecting compassion and interest in the ordinary issues of most of us as we deal with everyday life?  Do they demonstrate in their own management of their campaigns genuine regard for the concerns of persons who are most influenced by the policies of government?  Are they more than a mirror of bias, of polling results and headline grabbing comments.

When finally the campaigning subsides and the time comes for voting, do you feel confident that you are voting for someone who is honest, trustworthy, principled, and caring?  How much do advisers influence the political stances taken by the candidate?  When do we get to see the real person behind the image? Is there any oxygen in the ideas the politicians pronounce?  Or, is it all hot air?

For the next number of months, these will be our questions.  Listening carefully, observing critically, reading profusely, watching with an educated eye, we will be the ones who will be targeted with information and misinformation.  How we absorb all of that and prepare ourselves to be able to make choices in 2012 will largely depend on our sharpening our analytic abilities and wise judgments.  Jumping on a train that goes nowhere will end at that selfsame destination.  It won’t take us to the land of Oz and it won’t uncover the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

Now is the time to begin with inspection and introspection of what our part will be in making a choice come the time of the elections.  This is a time for objective, not emotional, criticism.  It is a time to think in terms of what is best first for our country and then the world.  This puts us in the very awkward position of foregoing self centered desires alone, of supporting a favorite just because he/she has sex appeal.  It requires that we separate honesty from calumny.  It will mean we must press for a sense of fairness and equity to be demonstrated by the candidate.  It will mean that integrity plays a leading role in the drama of campaigning.  It will mean that solid, deep down, take it to the bank trust will be important considerations as we stand in line to express our conviction that this is the right person for the job.

So now, we begin by doing our homework.  We prepare ourselves to be open.  We ready ourselves not to be “boonswoggled.”  It is a time of serious definition of who we are as a nation, how we shall take care of each other, what our role as a nation will be in the next quadrennium to come.  It is a time to separate partisanship from patriotism.  It is a time to act out our place in keeping America strong, brave, resilient, worthy, conscientious, and most of all caring and fair.  It is a time to show that we voters do know something about our country and we have a pretty good idea the shape it needs to take.

Now, be sure you and all your friends are registered to vote.

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