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How Important is ‘Being Remembered?’

When your journey is completed and your life is reviewed, how do you want to be remembered? Maybe you had rather not even talk about it.  Some declare, “Well, that won’t be up to me.”   Others opine “Well, that doesn’t matter.”  Still others suggest that “being remembered” is not something they worry about.

Some seniors we know may invest a little more reflective insight into the question.  Some may dwell on it almost obsessively.  Still others may ruminate on it at the expense of getting some things done now, about which you will be remembered later. Some, perhaps rightly, just “Don’t give a damn!”

No matter our interest or lack of it, likely once every now and then, the thought fleetingly passes, “How, do you suppose, will I be remembered?”

When it does it likely prompts some ruminations about how your life has been lived, how your family feels about you, how you evaluate your own accomplishments.  Such an inventory is neither good or bad, it just is.   It is okay to review who you have been and are, so long as one doesn’t yield to depression and useless regret.

How you want to be remembered is likely an activity about which you can do very little.  It may lend itself to fantasy and a  lot of “what ifs.”  It may generate a plethora of “if only’s,” also an effort which contributes to a waste of time.

Seniors Earn How They Want to be Remembered

How we want to be remembered we earn every day. It isn’t something we set out to do intentionally.  It just happens.  We develop character and character produces behavior and behavior engenders respect and admiration.  This is how we get remembered.  There are countless opportunities every day in which we can inspire remembrance.  The best ones are the ones that just come from the heart of who we are, how we behave, what we contribute.

When we think we have done something really remarkable, it is not judged by our evaluation, but by the perspective of that act and the observation of that behavior by others. Any effort on our part to call attention to ourselves will not bring us accolades, nor should it.  Rewards are best silently given and silently and graciously received.

This next week will offer us ample opportunity to “be remembered.”  It will happen when we don’t even realize it.  It will occur as we act spontaneously and serendipitously toward others.  It will emerge from the person you are and can best be  when you think about others, and act on those thoughts. It happens when “being remembered” is not so important as “being a caring and giving” person. That’s one of the best ways to be remembered.

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