Seniors: How Do You Find Us?

Dec 13th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There are two dimensions to this question. How do you find us refers first to locating Senior Citizen Journal, identifying us, searching for us, seeking us out. The second is, once you have found us, how do you find what we attempt to do here. Do we get at your issues? Are we sensitive to what concerns are yours as a senior citizen? How frequently do you stop at our site to see what we have to offer? Are we congruent, contemporary, current, concise enough, relative to your issues?

Finding these answers helps us know what needs to be changed, adapted, altered, redone. We are willing to do that, within the boundaries of our abilities. We want to address those matters that lend themselves to productive aging, and partnering with you in making that happen.

Senior Citizen Journal is not here to take up space, it is here to offer information and insights that are relevant to seniors. It is not here to give us something to do most days of the week. It is here to be useful, helpful, instructive, on point. It is here to hear your suggestions on how we may improve our presence with you.

Your feedback with pingbacks and comments, and other means for communicating with us is the most valuable method for us to hear you. Your search topics help us to know what it is that you are curious about, interested in, needing help in finding.

So, please give us a part of your time when you drop in, to let us know what it is that you would like to see here, how your issues and concerns can be better addressed, what helps you be more productive in your daily task of growing older with dignity and grace.

We will do our best to comply with your suggestions. You, after all, are why we are here.

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