Seniors: Friendship Aids Good Health

Dec 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Our cousin has been in our home following surgery for a little less than a week.  He is a person to whom other people gravitate.  His warmth, genuineness, sense of humor all magnetically draw people out and soon they are friends, dear friends, with deep affections. 

As a result numerous persons are requesting opportunity to visit him  during his recovery hiatus at our home.  He has cancer.  The surgery was both complex and involved.  His health is quite good otherwise and thus his recovery from the surgery is moving along nicely.

His friends are requesting time with him, and he is identifying people he wants to come visit.  We’re developing a schedule so he doesn’t overtire.  And people are coming in small groups, spending time with him talking about his surgery and the experiences accompanying it.  But they are also talking about fun and funny life experiences, prompted by the more serious conversation.  We’re watching and listening, and we recognize, once again, how precious friendship is when our health needs a boost.  The people who come for a chance to be with him  demonstrate how true the maxim is that love and friendship and caring all make a huge difference in our lives, particularly when faced with issues affecting our health. 

It might be easy in some cases to put off such a call.  But, knowing George, our cousin, won’t allow that.  He weaves such wonderful stories that the visit is soon transformed from a sympathy call to an exchange of frivolity and laughter, mostly at his behest.  No sympathy needed.  Just genuine “it’s good to be together,” to enjoy the time, to share in laughter, to create more memories with someone with whom there are already trunks full.   

So, for now all is well.  There will be more stressful times to come, radiation and perhaps chemo.  But right now the best cure is presence of friends, is echoing how precious friendship is.  It is being aware that good friends are the most precious treasures we have.  It is knowing that embracing the time we have and affirming how good it is to be together is curative and powerful.

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