Seniors: First Thing in the Morning

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Getting started everyday brings with it its own challenges, demands and the necessity for routine.  Having a predictable routine which starts first thing in the morning is one way to keep your body, psyche, spirit, organs, and general disposition in a good place.  All of this involves coming up with a pattern that works for you.  It will include exercise of some and various kinds, a chance at calming your person through some kind of serene meditation, mine is writing.  a chance to cleanse your body and to energize your systems with vitamins and a regimen of medications which address certain medical needs, and it will mean opening your day with a smile, laughter, pleasant comments to your spouse or partner, if any.

Lacking these basics, you may be setting your day up for depression, distress, physical challenges, and a down attitude.  Consciously making an effort to put yourself in a good place as you start your day will likely mean that your day will be good, productive, and pleasant.  Intentionality is a requisite in attitude cleansing, body engineering, soul inspiring every day.  It doesn’t come automatically.  It needs nurture, reminders, encouragement, nudges, and whispers.

What’s wrong with talking to yourself, particularly when you are about the task of jump starting your whole being and looking down the track at the race you will run today, with all your equipment in readiness for a big win.  The win is what you get out of the day.  The win is that other people will enjoy being around you.  The win is that you will feel better from start to finish.  By the time bed time comes, you will have invested all your resources that pay dividends for your taking such good care of yourself.

On the days when you feel like putting it off, don’t.  Don’t surrender to the temptations of laziness, of weakness, of “I just don’t feel like it.”  A few days of that and all else will have been for naught. Backsliding means having to climb that mountain again.  Obviously if you become seriously ill or hospitalized or have had surgery, you will be met with challenges to reinstate your behaviors, previously enjoyed.  Physical therapy may be a necessity.  Whatever it takes, do it.  Whatever the challenges, meet them.  Whatever the issues, talk them out to yourself or someone you trust.

Letting go of bad habits is one of our hardest challenges.  Seizing the day to make our lives, our selves better, healthier, happier is what is available to us no matter our age.  Sure, there will be pains and aches and down times.  That is part of what makes the race interesting to run.  Giving up is no way to live life, until your health has become such that there is little life left to keep going.  Even then, it is to one’s credit to have developed a spirit that will meet death with aplomb and adventure.  Leave the ones left, who knew you when you were running the race, envious of the character you became.

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