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Seniors Live and Love Life

Among the best ways to invest time and energy, as we grow older, is learning the secrets of loving life.  Seniors often put that off.  Oh, I’ll start that tomorrow, we say.  Maybe I can find the time after I have….and the sentence trails off.  Putting life off is a masterfully accomplished feat that most us have learned too well.  We know how to put our best selves on a shelf too high too reach.  We know the tricks for hedging, excusing, skipping over.  It is a sad and terrible indication that we know better how to not do than to do.

And when we have perfected that ability to hide ourselves from what might be, thus opening ourselves, or should that be closing ourselves to what might be, we find ourselves in a horrible, terrible, awful trap of getting nowhere.   Sounds a little like, “The Wizard of OZ”  What we have always wanted, longed for, wished for, hoped for was “going home,” or having a heart or being courageous or having a brain.  It was all there out there for us before, we just didn’t know how to tap into it. We didn’t know that the treasures of life were so easily discovered.  We had no idea that the wonders and secrets of a life of love could be tapped right here, over there, right now.

The Treasure of Loving Life

Loving life is like that.  It is one of those treasures that comes to us, without a lot of flim flam and hullabaloo.  It comes our way when unexpected persons express it,  unveil it, show it, reveal it and give it away.  It happens when a terrible occasion has knocked us down and someone we least expected is there to pick us up.  Loving life is finding that others are ready to show us how to live and love life. Sometimes they only need to be invited.

Pain and heartache seem to be multiplied as we grow older.  Just as our bodies show signs of aging, so do our beings give evidence of faltering, slowing down, not being so ready to be ready.

But, time comes when we need to be there, when we need to share the secret of loving life and the reward of discovery in life’s giving us back all kinds of love and care and ready presence to give us just what we need:  the secret of receiving love and the joy of giving it back.

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