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Television Junk

If you are into  vampires, lots of violence, automobile explosions, inane humor, animated film, drug trafficking plots, dysfunctional families then you can find almost anything in these genres to watch on television these days and nights.

Recently in an effort to have the availability of more options, we subscribed to more movie channels.  Alas, the only thing we got was a wider selection of the above.  Same stuff, just more of it.

The good news is that such limited and limiting entertainment options only drives us to read more.  Kindle to the rescue. Finding ways to be productively involved and not “enter-tainted,” a new word I use here to label tv stuff, is no challenge if you widen your options.  Kindle allows for more than 3000 selections of books to read.  There is life beyond television. Filtering stuff means taking the time to search for ways to invest yourself in pursuits that are not just a waste of time and an insult to intelligence.

Look for and Walk the ‘Higher Ground’

There are hues and cries these days which reflect on the intellectual levels of the American public. Politicians seem to pride themselves in dumbing down their intellectual capacities and evidence of having knowledge about much of anything.  Newstands proliferate with pulp magazines and sensational revelations.  News corporations have found themselves in a stew over trying to out drama their competitors.  The result is a lowering of standards, a diminishing of quality stimulation, the proliferation of junk news, junk comedy, junk plots, junk everything.

Why should a public show evidence of increased sensitivity about the world around us, when like food, about all we consume is junk?  Junk in, Junk out.  If our appetites are only given stuff, then how can we expect to be any more curious, any smarter, any more engaged with the world of great ideas than we are?

Isn’t it time we began to sharpen our sensitivities and filter the information we receive? Isn’t it time we use discretion about what we watch, read, hear, see, ingest?  Isn’t it about time we put filters on all the stuff and junk coming in so that something more than junk goes out? Some of what we digest intellectually is fit for recycling.  Recycle what you have learned in conversations, interchanges, dialogs, encounters.  The rest, find appropriate ways to filter out and discard.

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