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Plan for a Grateful Christmas

BLACK FRIDAY? Oh come on now!  Is that anyway to designate a day that kicks off  and leads the pep rally for Christmas shopping? How droll!  How inappropriate!  How insinuatingly absurd!  Sounds a great deal like Dickens’ Scrooge at the beginning of the memorable Christmas classic, certainly not the one we meet at the end of the performance.

If it is to be black, then let it.  But take your attitude elsewhere. There are enough curmudgeons out this time of year and until the very last hour when the shop doors are finally closed tight.  There are 29 days now until that blessed celebration will occur.  All kinds of promotions, hour manipulations for opening up and shutting down, percentages up to 90% off offered, tricks played, lay always offered, with hidden fees.  In big box stores, there will be special deliveries ready to be made; in those stores that know temptation works, there will be samples of all kinds of goodies.  If between now and then there is not sufficient time in those 29 days, then stay up later, visit the Internet, shop until your fingers can do the walking no more.

Suggestions: What Fits for You?

Spend, revitalize the economy.  Break every rule of thrift and prudence.  Spoil your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  Throw caution to the wind.  Be ready for the consequences.  Allowing foolishness and poor judgment to take charge, only means that you will quit this year while dreading the next.

Some suggestions:  If the season starts off as Black, what does it end up as?  How about considering some substitute gift giving scenarios. Likely, this shopping can be done on line or by US Mail, who by their own admission, would enjoy the business.  If your gift giving is to be done in concert with family members around a tree, then a card or a small wrapped box might work.

There are numerous useful, credible, well organized, appropriately driven charitable groups available that can be the recipient of your largesse, in the name of any or all of your cherished family members. Allow you, your familly, your close and dear ones to experience the satisfaction that your gift, in their name, makes them the conduit of goodness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and the greatest of all, love.  Open your hearts and pocketbooks to include ways to enlarge your circle.  If the organization has permission to share the name of the person(s) you will be helping or the project in which you are investing, ask if you may know the name(s).  Personalize, as far as possible, as near as your heart, the gift so that the spirit of your giving becomes known, celebrated and emulated.

Then, this Christmas is likely to be one in which we can all join in singing:  “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, with every Christmas card I write.  May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white!”

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